Case: Fujitsu

Fujitsu – Continuous feedback

Consistent leadership culture and a healthy working community

“We wanted to improve the quality of our leadership practices after the results of our personnel survey. We did not have consistent management methods, nor common rules or practices. We also wanted to integrate the Lean culture of continuous improvement into our leadership and management practices,” says Juha Kemppainen, Head of Nordic Supply Chain at Fujitsu Finland. “We wanted to involve our entire personnel in this change, and in so doing, we introduced a well-being at work aspect to the project.”

Leadership supported by feedback

Fujitsu has seen tangible results in both its leadership and communication culture. “I’m delighted to see that my goals in this area have been reached,” Kemppainen says. “The project was also well received among the personnel. Their feedback was relevant and to the point, not overly emotional. It has been great to see how we have established a culture that encourages positive feedback.”

Over seven months, Fujitsu personnel gave feedback 1,200 times in the feedback system tailored for the project.