Case: Soini & Horto – “BEST IN OUR FIELD”

Our own training provided a spark

In 2012, Kalle Soini and Sami Horto, the founders of the company, signed up for the Leadership Path training programme at Trainers’ House. “To enable the company to grow and succeed, we first need to grow as managers and people ourselves. Trainers’ House had a different approach to management. We didn’t set out to learn from diagrams or models. Instead, we learnt about the core of management – working with people”, says Managing Director, Partner and Founder, Sami Horto.

Staff and customer satisfaction to the forefront

“Our next bottleneck was sales development. We set out to build a growth-centric sales team together. The training made us realise that we were not using any indicators and we decided to put staff satisfaction and the customer experience at the forefront of our management. The most influential factor has been our own use of time: we no longer hide behind management – we abandoned the desk in the corner in favour of working in amongst everyone else,” says the other founder and the Chairman of the Board, Kalle Soini.

Tripling net sales

“We are a completely different firm to the one we were a year ago. Our net sales have tripled and we have recruited a huge number of additional experts. Despite this, we have succeeded in keeping staff satisfaction high. We are always on top of the situation. We are able to lead and we know the processes – we know what needs to be done. We are just better at our jobs. Our sales work and approach to our own work has changed completely,” Horto says.