Case: TIKON – Additional recognition and sales

Hundreds of meetings and information from more than 2 000 discussions

Trainers’ House has arranged 330 meetings with two different target groups with 34% and 20% hit rates. The collaboration was due to continue on the condition that the targets are met. “Trainers’ House did what it promised. I do not believe that we would have got this far without outsourcing the arrangement of meetings. I would recommend the digital sales training programme to anyone. The content is worth using for purposes such as the company’s own internal sales meetings”, says Sami Solala, Sales Director at Tikon.

Tested operating model brings security to partner selection

“We have tough growth targets. We are seeking growth from our existing customers and in selected new target groups. By working with Trainers’ House, we wanted to accelerate Tikon’s customer acquisition and raise awareness of Tikon within target groups. My own inbox was piled high with targets to reach and we also needed to reform our operating method, so it was sensible to outsource part of this work to a good partner”, Solala says.

A combination of digital training and traditional telephone work

“We set Trainers’ House some tough targets for customer acquisition; we wanted our salespeople’s calendars to be full of customer meetings immediately after the summer holidays. This enabled us to ensure that we would reach our autumn sales targets,” Solala comments. Alongside customer acquisition, Tikon’s salespeople studied modern sales work on Trainers’ House’s digital sales training programme. ”The digital training programme has proven very helpful for salespeople and sales management”, Solala says.