We want to change customer experience into a competitive advantage but we can't necessarily do this alone

Does this ring a bell

  • I do not know about our customers’ experience
  • We cannot see our business with our customers’ eyes
  • We do not collect customer feedback
  • We collect customer feedback but we do not make use of it
  • We do not have a service identity; there are only separate guidelines
  • Our people interpret good service in their own way
  • People in our support functions do not perceive that their work affects the customer experience
  • We have not defined the customers journey or what needs to happen during different points on the journey
  • We do not know how to manage customer experience
  • Customer experience is not on our executive team’s agenda
  • No one feels responsible for the customer experience
  • Our managers don’t give positive or corrective feedback to the customer service team

If so, here’s how we’ve helped our customers:

  • The customer experience concept has no value unless it is realized and enhances the customer’s experience
  • We help you look at your business through the customer’s eyes
  • We create a common and understandable service identity
  • We find the most critical points for the customer journey concerning the customer experience
  • Our method is to involve your staff extensively across the customer journey
  • We help people realize that the customer experience belongs to everyone regardless of the job
  • We offer alternative and tested ways to deploy your customer experience concept