Tea Grönfors



+358 40 710 8694

As a Change consultant Tea is responsible for the entire lifecycle of Change-undertakings; sales, implementation as well as management. Her journey at Trainers’ House started already back in 2007. Before her current position she was a Change Project Manager and responsible for a caller group in lead management. Sales and client responsibility have been predominately present in all her responsibilities. She has significant experience from sales and management with clients in development projects in varying industries: from marketing and logistics to food industry. Tea enjoys clear and demanding goals and is devoted to get fast results without compromising quality. She is inspired by beautiful things and other people.

Tea is currently experiencing the rush of juggling full-time work and motherhood. She enjoys the city-life, but occasionally needs a break to the countryside. Tea is also a long-distance runner and likes to take part in competitions on her free time. Running gives her joy and energy which fuels every other part of her life. A new summerhouse and her city home are also making home decoration and renovation hobbies along with sports.