Arto Niemenpää


+358 50 354 4295

Arto is a Change Consultant in Trainers’ House. He has a long-standing experience from sales, customer service, directing sales and working in the executive board. Before his start at Trainers’ House, Arto had a long career working in Banks and in Financial controlling. His responsibilities have included directing change and sales as well as service-and customer care model development and creation. Arto has been able to witness the significant improvement in customer satisfaction among customers and has influenced this by training professionals and account managers to deliver successful sales and customer experiences for many years. Arto is most competent in industries that allow him to work with people and develop improved services, client work, sales and leadership.

The father of three spends his free time mainly with his family and hobbies and keeps himself busy with downhill skiing, different types of water sports, cross-country skiing, fishing, running and kickboxing.