Elina Lahti



+358 50 5703 110

Team Leader Elina has had the chance to work in many different roles at Trainers’ House; as a marketeer, senior-marketeer, in our Change Support team as well as an assisting consultant. She is familiar with customer acquisition, prospecting, project leading as well as different customer interviews and analysis. Elina has already been a part of more than 20 client projects, presenting many different industries. Her best asset is her sales-oriented mindset and ability to coordinate projects. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Elina is known for motivating her colleagues and creating a good atmosphere around her. She is an extremely empathetic team player with a great sense of discretion and is quick to adapt to changing situations.

During her free time, Elina enjoys going out for walks, running, spending time, with her friends, travelling and trying out new restaurants in town. Her absolute favorite food is sushi. Elina used to be an aesthetic group gymnast but has found her new love-of-sports in cheerleading.