Arsi Pasanen


+358 40 587 6110

Arsi has worked at Trainers’ House for over two years and started at the trainee program fall 2020.
Arsi has had different roles both inside the house and at Trainers’ Houses client projects. He has also been involved in many international collaborations. It is important for Arsi to understand the customer’s real goals and develop cooperation to better serve these goals. He has been involved in projects from almost all different industries and works in Finnish, English and Spanish.
In his free time, Arsi goes to the gym, listens to music and audio books, and punches a punching bag if possible. His taste in music has expanded over the years spent abroad (hips don’t lie). Not many people know this about Arsi, but he sometimes sings karaoke in Spanish and has also boxed at the SM level in junior times.