Taija Taavo



+358 44 012 1190

Taija has worked at Trainers’ House for two years and works as a team leader at the Helsinki office.
Taija is an environmental biotechnology engineer. She has lived in Germany and Australia for two years working in the horse industry. At Trainers’ House, Taija’s diverse background has brought value and her ability to take feedback objectively has taken Taija forward.
Outbound sales and project management are Taija’s strengths. Taija has started as a team leader in early November and assists operation manager Charlotte in leading a team of about 50 marketers. She speaks Finnish and English.
Taija is interested in horses and behavioral sciences. She spends her free time with horses, in nature, playing sports, or reading books and watching TV with her boyfriend in the corner of the couch. Horses and nature bring peace that balances the hectic pace of work.
Friends, good food and exercise bring joy to Taija. She loves challenges and learning something new through them at work.
She always takes advantage of the opportunities given. Many may not know this, but Taija moved to Germany because of one phone call and from Turku to Helsinki within two weeks’ notice.