Elma Palsila



+358 40 145 5922

Elma is a Change Project Manager at Trainers’ House with a Masters’ degree in Economics. She is also a part of the marketing team. Customer service is Elma’s second nature. She is experienced in managing customer experience teams, taking responsibility and implementing customer experience research, customer analyses and presenting research results to clients. Elma’s competences shine best when working with customers. Business development is a significant motivator for Elma. Her gained understanding of client needs helps her in quickly identifying her client company’s business strengths and developmental points. In addition to her co-operation skills she has received appreciation from customers for her convincing performing skills, clarity and the analytical nature of her presentations. Years in a rapidly growing Start-up taught her plenty about service development and how to manage “bigger pictures”.

In her free time Elma likes to be surrounded by people who inspire her, spend time in nature, read and do sports. Making the world a better place in all its forms, is a passion for Elma.