Ville Tanska


+358 40 733 8586

Ville is currently familiarizing himself with the everyday life of a Change Consultant while taking part in our Trainers’ House trainee program. Great soft skills and an exemplary ability to understand the client’s strategic and business needs as well as language proficiency are Ville’s strongest assets. Ville enjoys his time at the customer interface. -And is at his best in sales as well as supporting his clients through challenges and reaching objectives. Before entering our trainee program, Ville worked with projects on new customer acquisition having the opportunity to create sales opportunities for client companies in various industries: financial management, marketing & technology. Ville has spent his childhood in Austria and later went to a German-speaking elementary school in Finland.
Ville prefers to spend his free time outdoors in good company. He’s an active footballer and not-so-active padel-player. As a dog lover, Ville shares his home with four, four-legged friends. Ville is most likely the biggest motorsport fan in all of Trainers’ House and is more than happy to drive any vehicle with a motor in it. “Car” -was Ville’s first word and his favorite past hobby was: dynamic staring of car hubcaps. Luckily, he has found other interests since.