Ida Makkonen

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+358 43 824 4479

Ida is a highly productive implementer of change. Her passion is to understand human behaviour and to build a better life – for both the people around her and herself. Ida’s notable experience for project and customer management roles from the start-up world guarantees that she can handle even the largest change projects. Ida’s working style is not just high quality but fast, too, and she makes sure things happen on time. Ida gets a lot of praise from building and managing close customer relationships. She has gathered experience on industries such as banking, insurance, hotel industry, property management, construction, IT and food industry. Ida’s daily life is guided by personal values: health, love, joy, courage and learning. It’s important for Ida that our projects include clear goals and cooperation with exciting people and also opportunities to have fun. On her spare time Ida can be found doing yoga, dancing or running through the paths of Lauttasaari. Music plays whenever possible.