Satu Miettinen


+358 40 710 8699

Change consultant Satu is a daughter of a merchant family and grew up in Malmi, which can be seen in her pleasantly edgy persona. Satu’s voice is clear and loud and is often accompanied with laughter. Satu is known among collegues and clients as “especially fun to work with” and believes herself to be a people person with special interest in the human mind. Satu is one of Trainers’ House’s returnees – she once spent 5-years with client projects. And now she’s back!

Satu is a lioness in sales. On top of this she has received special gratitude for her managerial work that has lasted for over 10 years and for managing Change projects. Satu has had the opportunity to work with both big, global corporations and small start-ups. The spirit of a small entrepreneur still lives within Satu. She is most competent in industries that require sales, customer relations and managerial work.

As a young adult, Satu dreamed of becoming a psychologist, weightlifter or a boxer, but was swept away by the business world. Although, she has been able to reach some of her dreams by participating in support group activity for people who have lost loved ones and is devoted to continue her work there. Satu recently took on her teenage-year hobbies in boxing and basketball. The rest of her free time she spends with her beloved golden retriever, a ten-year-old Nelson who despite of her age still behaves like a child. Satu loves to cook and finds countryside one of the best ways to relax.