Mira Lönnrot



+358 40 773 3320

When there’s laughter, there’s usually Mira, the HR Specialist. Besides her positivity, Mira is extremely determined and ambitious. Mira has over 10 years of working experience in customer service and store work. In addition to retail Mira has worked at Trainers’ House in projects regarding customer acquisition on many different fields. She has also worked in customers’ global projects in a change support team making audit and ”Staying on path”- calls to Russia, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Chile and Uruguay among others. Internationality isn’t a new thing for Mira as besides Finland, Mira has lived in USA, Sweden and Spain. In addition to project work, Mira produces content for the different social media channels of Trainers’ House Growth Academy. Mira is a former soccer player in the Finnish National League and has also represented the Finnish National Team at an international level. Consequently, most of her spare team is dedicated to sport. Mira is always ready to try on new sports. Mira loves to travel and get to know new cultures.