Petteri Halonen


+358 50 493 9579

Petteri works as a change consultant at Trainers’ House. He is responsible for numerous accounts, building long-term customer relationships with existing and new customers and coaches customers especially about different parts of sales process. Originally from Kempele, Petteri has undertaken projects with about 40 customers, mainly involved in developing the quality of sales work and management skills.

Petteri’s personal results are top grade and he has coached over 400 clients and colleagues during his career at Trainers’ House. In 2016 Petteri was named Trainers’ House’s Market Maker of the year for his high quality project management and excellent cold calling work. During his free time, Petteri plays a lot of sports. He enjoys good books, games that require intellect, playing guitar and drawing. Petteri also likes to travel: after trips to Europe and Asia, his latest trip set place to Africa.