Trainers’ House

Trainers’ House is a change management company. Our clients use us to implement their strategy faster, more successfully and with a higher probability. Our clients trust our skilled and customer-oriented people, our well-functioning tools and modern methods. Our work is measured based on the results achieved by our client. Verifiable results are best reached when the corporate culture supports the objectives.

Trainers’ House was established in 1990 and, at the end of 2017, the company had 121 full-time equivalent employees. The company’s offices are in Helsinki, Turku and Oulu, Finland and Torrevieja, Spain.
In 2017, Trainers’ House’s net sales totalled EUR 9.0 million and its operating profit was EUR 0.5 million, or 5.1% of net sales. The company’s equity ratio was 67.2%. The company has no net debt.